Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 10 White Blue

posted on 16 Aug 2016 15:11 by shopping362ok

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 10 White Blue : Hope that after NIKE in Zoom Hexagonal can make a point of correction, so that it can be more to play the strengths of this technology. As for the Soldier10, has been a series of combat weapon known. To this generation is still inherited this a little, first of all the shoes are very light, after the three fixed with a tight, the whole package is very good. Especially extends above the ankle for high, is more fit together. Package than the LBJ13 elite but also strong, after all, there is no shoe lace, if this is not to strengthen the words, it is estimated that the shoe can be lost. Actual combat time, ZOOM feeling is not too obvious, step on shit feeling is not strong, relative to the feedback type. Large bottom lines using the grid shape, break through the start, stop and change is very good. But for a pair of shoes without laces, the biggest problem in the Soldier10 is completely unmasked. In the defense, often have to transverse and emergency stop, this pair of shoes in large scale emergency stop, upper support easily reached a limit, which then leads to the feet in the shoes lose their support and slipping. Perhaps, learn AJ30 in the inside of the shoe pad into a non slip strip, may be slightly reduced. But I personally think that there is still a shoe will be relatively better shoes. The two pairs of shoes, no doubt LEBRON13 elite in actual combat experience, and workmanship, texture, all over the Soldier10. But the high price of the offering is there, also that one, a penny a point. And relatively inexpensive point of Soldier 10. In combat will not Lbj13 elite difference too much, the two pairs of shoes, in fact, the actual frequency of use or Soldier10 will more. After all, this color is also relatively easy to take, the practicality is very good. The price is relatively cheap, the actual combat up psychologically or will not so much estimate, always afraid of being stepped on, ah, ah, ah, and so on. After all, for the majority of basketball fans, the utility is always in the first place. Of course, you have the ability, of course, would like to pursue a better.

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 10 Black

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 10 White Blue